Ties That Harm

Alexndra's life is an ongoing rollercoaster of love, light and fun. But just one point of weakness at the highest peak, is all it takes to plunge her into a darkness which stops her world turning.

When past connections become the ties that harm, Alexandra's worst nightmare becomes an unwanted reality that, regardless of the strenght of the ties that bind, will test her to the absolute limit.

In this story of betrayal, reveng and deceit, we meet the people in Aleandra and Gabriel's wider circle of family, friends and colleagues. But who among them has a secret to hide? Who has a confession to make? Who hs a past to repair and who will survive the Ties That Harm?

Sexy Sunday Snippet from Ties That Harm ...

A large drop of rain splashes against my face and I look up to see dark clouds rolling in fast. Another one hits and I blink rapidly. Now I am fully awake and in a rush, I stand up and start to grab things from the table. As fast as the clouds arrived, the few rain spots turn into a sudden downpour that drench us both as we wrestle with the remains of the meal. Cake crumbs and coffee dregs are splattered around the table as we fill our arms and head back into the house, bursting through the kitchen door, me in a fit of giggles, Gabriel looking like the rain’s spoiled his parade.

I deposit the dishes and the champagne bottle on the countertop and shake the water from my hands while Gabriel slips out of his shoes and shrugs off his jacket.



A drop of cold rainwater drips from my hair and runs between my breasts, soaking into the cotton of my dress and causing my nipples to rise as another droplet joins it. I turn to look at Gabriel and the frown that was across his brow, relaxes.

“I’m sorry the rain spoiled your day,” he offers and grabbing a towel from the kitchen island, he steps close to me and lightly dries my face, patting around my forehead and following down over my cheek to my collarbone.

I take the towel from his hand and throw it into the sink, never taking my eyes from his and then I hold his hand to my lips.

“It didn’t spoil my day, Gabe. It made my day …”

I let his hand go and rest my palm on his cheek. His skin feels warm and damp as I raise up on my toes and press my lips against his, feeling the coolness of the rain turn warm as our kiss deepens. He rests his hands on my hips and pulls me towards him but instead of leaning into him, I pull away, grab his fingers and walk backwards toward the door.

He follows, with a grin on his face until I get across the covered courtyard and he realizes where I’m heading.

He lets his hand slip from mine and stands still in the entrance to the garden while I go out into the rain that’s slackened off a little.

A flash of lightning illuminates the heavy clouds with a blue-white glow and is soon followed by a low rumble of thunder that seems to shake the ground as I dance over the deck and step onto the grass.

“Come on!” I call out to him from the middle of the garden where I’m stood, arms outstretched and head up to the sky, letting the rain drops hit my face, washing away the tiredness and revitalizing me.

“Are you mad?” he shouts over a rumble of thunder and creases his brow.

“Positively certifiable …” I shout back, kicking off my sandals and sinking my toes into the wet grass, feeling the coolness on my feet as I turn in circles, smelling the pleasant, dewy petrichor of the first rain following a long dry spell.

Lightning strikes again and is quickly followed by a loud crack of thunder that makes me jump and takes my breath away. The rain starts to get heavy again making the droplets feel like tiny needles drumming against my bare arms and shoulders.

I stop spinning and pull my hands in, resting my palms against my chest where I feel my heart beating. I lift my head to the sky and watch the clouds hanging away over the lake past the bottom of the stable land and another lightning strike that almost sets the sky on fire, takes my breath away again.

The electricity in the air makes my skin tingle and goose bumps start to appear on my flesh. The noise from the rain as it hits the plants in the garden creates a wall of white noise punctuated by the plink, plink sound of water droplets as they slide from the leaves and gather in puddles on the ground.

I don’t hear Gabriel creeping up behind me but his touch when he places his hands on my hips makes me flinch and I turn quickly in his arms.

“Definitely certifiable,” he murmurs with a grin as he lifts his hand to my face and twirls a strand of my wet hair between his fingers.

“You wouldn’t have me any other way,” I smile.

I lay my hands against his chest, feeling his warmth as the rain drops soak into his shirt causing the cotton to stick to his body and become almost transparent.

“I could probably think of a few ways I would have you,” he says, raising that eyebrow as a droplet of water runs off it and makes its way down over his cheek.

“Oh, really?” I reply as another bolt of lightning strikes, igniting the sky and making Gabriel’s eyes sparkle like chocolate colored diamonds.

Thunder booms overhead and I jerk in his arms, suddenly feeling more scared than I was a moment ago. He moves his hands around my back and holds me tighter, pressing me against his now soaked shirt.

The rain has already drenched his hair in the short space of time he’s been standing here. It’s darker when it’s wet and parts stick up like hedgehog spines, the rest has been pushed forward and is now flat against his forehead. I look up at him, my eyes wide to take in the sight before me now I’m partially sheltered by his tall form. He lifts his hand to the back of my neck and I push up on my toes, stretching to meet him halfway so that I can kiss away the water from his face that somehow looks like tears to me, giving me an overwhelming sense of love for this man. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for him and I know there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for me, including standing with me in the middle of a thunderstorm.

“I cannot believe you got me out here in this,” he says, letting me back to stand flat on my feet and smiling while the rain continues to hit us both.

“I knew you wouldn’t leave me out here alone.”

I push my hands up around his shoulders and pull him down to my level, planting my lips firmly against his and kissing him passionately.

He returns my kiss and then stops, pulling a fraction away from me.

“I will never leave you alone. Ever,” he proclaims and lifts me off my feet. I wrap my legs around his waist and cling onto him, locking my arms around his neck and grabbing his wet hair in my hands as I resume my assault on his lips.

A loud roll of thunder breaks our contact and I squeeze myself against him, pushing my head into his shoulder and tightening my legs.

“I need you …” he says huskily and carries me down the garden away from the house to a place where the bushes are denser. The clouds overhead are now even darker than before making the evening feel like the middle of the night.

Gabriel stops under an old tree by the side of the summer house and lowers himself to his knees. He loosens his hold on me and starts to nip at my neck. I let my head fall back as his mouth follows the line of my chin and his long fingered hand runs up my thigh, lifting my wet dress to my waist.

I let out a gratifying sigh as I feel myself throbbing with want and my hands somehow move of their own accord to the waistband of his pants.

I can feel his hardness straining as I expertly pop the button and pull at his zipper. He lowers me further onto the wet ground and pushes his pants to his knees. The rain continues to attack us, now coming in large droplets that does nothing to dampen his ardor as he kneels before me, still in his saturated white shirt and red bow tie. I let myself fall back to the ground not minding the dead leaves and twigs from the tree sticking into my back.

“And I need you …” I tell him, moving my panties to one side, exposing myself to him here, out in the open while the rain falls.

He watches me for a moment and again, I’m reminded of how much the rain on his face looks like tears.

Gabriel drops forward and holds himself over me, watching my face intently as the lightning strikes, casting shadows over us from the branches overhead. He lowers his face to mine, crushing my lips with his and as the thunder rolls, he pushes himself into me.

I cry out, the sound I make muffled by his mouth and I bite his lip. He groans and sinks his full weight onto me, his hips grinding against mine as he pushes further.

My breasts swell, straining inside the wet cotton bodice of my dress, the heat building between us while the thunder continues to rumble, each clap booming louder as the storm grows nearer, charging the air around us.

A lightning strike lights up the sky, so close that I can hear the sizzle over the rhythm of the rain and I buck my hips up against him.

Gabriel groans with pleasure as he abandons my lips and tucks his hand under my behind, closing his fingers on my buttock until I gasp, almost in pain. I return the favor and dig my fingers into strong shoulders while crossing my ankles behind him and digging my heels into his backside. He screws his eyes closed and throws back his head, letting out a cry of gratification before bringing his eyes back to mine and glaring at me with a look of unbelievable intensity.

I close my eyes and call out his name as he quickens his pace, bumping his body against my pubic bone, making the twigs at my bare back stab further into me until I think one might actually draw blood.

He lowers his lips back to mine and sinks against me, pulling his hand from my behind and rubbing over my covered breast which makes me arch my back. He feels the tightness beneath the cotton, moves his hand to the nape of my neck and then we roll.

Now Gabriel is the one flat on his back. He fumbles with the tie of my halter straps which comes undone with one pull and as I push on his chest to raise up, the front of my dress falls forward revealing my naked breasts.

The cold rain strikes against my unclothed skin with the immediate effect of making my areolas pucker and my nipples harden. Gabriel watches them and breathes heavily as I place my palms against them, pinching my nipples between my fingers. He groans loudly and stretches out to place his hands over mine, holding them, and me, in place heavily as he bucks beneath me.

I straighten up on him and push my hips forward, moving at my own pace, a rhythm that suits me and as my orgasm begins deep in my stomach, I spread my knees a little wider, forcing him further into me.

Gabriel takes his hands from mine and grabs hold of my behind, pushing and pulling, finding a pace that suits us both.

“Alex … Al—” he calls, his words drowned out by a roll of thunder that shakes the ground beneath us, his eyes closed to the onslaught of the rain as it drenches everything.

He squeezes his fingers into me, raises his hips until my knees are off the ground and comes. I can feel him throb inside me and as I pinch my nipples, I come too.

Gabriel’s hands fall away from my body and he drops his hips to the ground, exhaling heavily. My breath comes in short bursts and my hands are shaking as I lower myself onto his chest and lay my flushed face against his cool, sodden shirt where I can feel his heart beating and his chest rising and falling steadily before slowing down to its usual regularity.

The thunder now sounds distant as the storm moves away and the harsh rain dwindles to a fine spray. The dark clouds move just as quickly and a shaft of dying sunlight penetrates the tree and throws it light across my back. It doesn’t stay there for long and soon disappears completely as the sun finally sets.

My body head diminishes quickly as the light rain collects and pools in the small of my back, causing me to shiver.

Gabriel spreads his hands over my spine and runs his fingers in circles, slightly irritating my over-sensitive skin but I don’t have the heart to tell him to stop. It’s a strange feeling, not painful at all but enough to make me lift my head from his chest.

He stops circling and wipes his finger across my brow, taking with it a wet strand of hair that had been stuck to my face.

“Cold?” he asks, tracing his thumb across my bottom lip as it starts to tremble.

“Freezing,” I whisper with a smile.

Gabriel Bakes A Cake ... Just a little snippet for you.


Gabriel reappears carrying a tray with our desserts. He puts it on the table and takes a box of matches from his pocket which he uses to light a candle that’s stuck into my piece of cake. After he’s placed the cake in front of me, the two of them sing ‘Happy Birthday’ much to my embarrassment and then I let Vincent blow the candle out.

“The meal was lovely, Gabriel, but I’m guessing you didn’t actually make the cake,” I comment. Not that I mind it being store bought.

“Actually,” he begins as he pulls out a chair and sits with us. “I did make the cake.”

“Really? I’m impressed!”

“You won’t be when I tell you I had to throw one of your cake pans in the trash …” he tells me with a look of apology.

“What did you do?” I ask, half annoyed but with a smile on my face.

“I may have had the oven on too high and I may have left it in there for a little while longer than necessary and it may have just …”

“Daddy burnt the first cake!” Vincent finishes his father’s explanation and I can’t help but laugh.

“He did?” I splutter as I try to stop myself laughing, without success.

“So much that the pan could not be rescued,” Gabriel shrugs as he tells me the story. “I had to send Sherry on an undercover mission for a new pan and when I made this cake, I sat and watched it.”

“Oh, Gabriel!” I’m laughing so hard at his story that my sides are beginning to ache. “I really do appreciate this, you know. And this cake definitely does not look burnt.”

He laughs with me and hands me a spoon.

“I hope you enjoy this one. Happy Birthday, Ally.”

I take the spoon from his hand and cut myself a piece of the cake. It’s not the driest chocolate cake I’ve ever had and he obviously used store bought spread for the topping but I’m not complaining. Gabriel made this for me with his own hands, twice. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best cake ever.

“It’s lovely, I can’t think of a better way to end a lovely day. Thank you, both of you, you really do know how to spoil me.”

Gabriel smiles and hands a spoon to Vincent before starting on his own piece of cake.

“It is quite nice, isn’t it?” he says, obviously proud of his achievement.

“It is,” I agree, taking another piece and scooping up some of the ice cream that’s starting to melt.