Willing And Able, A True Story of Adoption


A true story of what my husband and I went through to adopt children and become a family, overcoming what we thought were tall barriers including health and age factors.



Praise for 'Willing And Able'


"What a lovely story of a family. I know what it is like from wanting a family and also being adopted myself from a young age." (MW)



"This book is brilliant and gives a real insight into the struggles people go through to adopt children, it's a must read and I will be recommending it to anyone who has an interest in reading. It's a real eye opener and will fetch tears of sadness and joy as you travel through the journey this book takes you on. A real credit to the author" (PC)



"If you are thinking of adopting children, then read this book. I have adopted 2 children and this book gives you a proper, unbiased account of how the system works, what's involved, who's involved and who makes the biggest decision in your life. The account is accurate to my own experiences and the emotion in this book was just as real and tangible as my own. The book is a good read, you will laugh and cry all at the same time. Read this book, it may just give you the push to do it yourself!" (SW)


This book should be on the list of "must read" for anyone considering adopting a child.
It goes through the ups and downs, the pros and cons, and shows the determination required to get through the process.
My heart went out to the Elaine and Ray and I raise my hat to them both. (SB)


This book should be read by those people who are considering adoption as it is an honest account written with warmth and emotion. The author shows commitment and determination and I felt very privileged to be allowed to read the emotional and at times heart breaking story. I'm sure this will be appreciated by other people who are thinking of adopting, those who have already adopted but also it is a great reminder to everyone what a precious gift children are to all of us. (AR)