Welcome to my Blog ...

Hi there and welcome to my blog ...

I'm Elaine Chissick; Author, wife, mother, crazy cat lady, cook, cleaner and chief bottle washer, not forgetting everything else inbetween.

I don't know that much about blogging so please feel free to contact me through my 'contact and links' page to tell me what I'm doing wrong as well as anything I'm doing right!

As this is my blog, it will be filled with stuff which is just my opinion on things. That doesn't mean to say that my opinions are always right, it just means they are my opinions. If you have the same ones, great! If you have differeing opinions, that's great too because what sets us apart from the animals, is that we can think differently to other humans and not kill each other to make a point.

OK, maybe not everyone can do that but, hey, it's only a blog. I'll have some guest bloggers on here from time to time and anything they write will be their own opinion. If you want to get in touch, please do!

So, here we go, wish me luck ...


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